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Welcome to The Zimbabwean Progressive!

The Zimbabwean Progressive is an independent publication dedicated to producing fearless, progressive, adversarial, unapologetic and activism-oriented journalism situated right at the intersection of politics, technology and human rights.

The Zimbabwean Progressive is published by Obert Madondo, an Ottawa-based progressive political blogger, publisher, activist, former political aide to a prominent Zimbabwean politician, and former international development administrator. Obert also publishes Charity Files, a publication dedicated to journalism in the giving public interest, and The Canadian Progressive, a provocative and activism-oriented Canadian political blog. Visit his blog on the publication HERE.

The Zimbabwean Progressive aspires to become the first-read for progressive Zimbabwean insiders, grassroots activists, dissenters, thinkers and other influentials.

On the issues, we’ll drill deeply, right down to the truth. We’ll provide you with hard-hitting, controversial, insightful, thoughtful, provocative and progressive ideas on Zimbabwean and global politics, institutions, rights, policies, systems, values, culture and diversity.

We’ll challenge conventional wisdom. We’ll demand more of ourselves and our elected and appointed leaders. We’ll insist on a Zimbabwe and world that strives for more equality, more democracy, more diversity, more rights, more freedoms, more transparency, more environmental protections, more security and more values, for all its citizens.

What we really want:

  1. A Zimbabwe and world where all persons, be they indigenous, settlers, citizens, temporary residents, refugees, and otherwise, feel that they’re equal and are motivated to build a shared country.
  2. A just and fair society where equality, security, and reciprocity are upheld through free will and cooperative action.
  3. Clean politics free of corporate and lobbyist influence, electoral fraud, voter suppression, propaganda and undue manipulation of minority and ethnic voters.
  4. A sustainable economic policy that creates jobs, eradicates poverty, promotes economic equality, keeps neoliberalism in check, and protects the environment.
  5. A Zimbabwe built on social justice, where all live in dignity and have a fair shot at improving their lives.
  6. Democratic renewal through the reformation of Zimbabwean political institutions, enhancement of public participation and empowerment of young people.
  7. Media integrity and rejection of biases created by undue authority and money.
  8. A multilateral foreign policy based on conflict resolution, and tackling of genocide, poverty, climate change, disease, arms and nuclear proliferation, and terrorism.

We believe in  journalism that’s unapologetic and retains a critical gaze upon powerful individuals and corporate institutions.

Our hard-hitting opinion and analysis will obsess with issues such as truth and reconciliation, the economy, climate change, civil liberties, culture, social justice, women’s rights, human rights, and culture.

Finally, for some reason, Zimbabweans are often expected to uncritically embrace “experts” and solutions from other countries. The Zimbabwean Progressive aspires to change all that. The publication will engage in unapologetic comparative analysis. Countries that often lecture Zimbabwe also have democracy and human rights deficits Zimbabweans must understand as they search for the final solution to the Mugabe problem.

If you’re a fearless Zimbabwean progressive or ally of Zimbabweans, and have special knowledge or opinions, we and our readers would be delighted to hear from you. See our Write for Us page for Blogger/writer guidelines and your options.

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Thank you,

Obert Madondo, Founder and Editor-in-Chief